The fitness section of this blog is going to be incredibly boring because it will simply be my record of what I have done. Although I have two family weddings coming up in 2019, and a certain style of dress I am keen to have the figure to wear, my primary goal is not weight loss, it genuinely is just to get a lot fitter. By fitter I mean stronger and able to walk/hike much further than I currently can, whilst also taking into consideration that on some of those walks I will also be carrying a camera, lens, and tripod which all adds to the weight on my back.

Whilst I will be tracking my weight loss/gain as every pound I drop is one less pound to carry up the hills, my primary goal at the moment is to regain the endurance levels and muscle strength I had at the start of the year.

For this week I just want to cover 50+ miles combining time on the bike in the gym, swimming in the pool or whilst out walking.


Having only just finished my HNC I have suddenly find myself with a lot of spare time and a blog that was created for one of the HNC units. Clearly the contents of that blog are now obsolete and hence deleted, but rather than leave the blog sat here empty I thought I might try and find a use for it.

Not sure what it will become: a record of my photography, my sewing,  a way to track my attempts to get fit, thoughts on a potential new business, thoughts on doing an online degree, who knows.

Boring/interesting – again who knows.